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Orthopaedics & Trauma

raybet欧洲史密斯+侄子在关节replacemen处于世界领先地位t systems for knees, hips and shoulders.

Whether through extending the life and functionality of implants, improving operating room efficiency, or promoting faster healing and other clinical outcomes, our innovations differentiate us and provide solutions to active patients seeking to regain their quality of life while enhancing economic value for all of our customers.

Smith+Nephew implants includehip,kneeandshoulder jointsas well asancillary productssuch asbone cement.

Knee implants

Smith+Nephew offers an innovative range of products for specialised knee replacement procedures. It is a routine operation for knee pain most commonly caused by arthritis. Every year more than two million patients receive total, partial or revision knee replacements.

Total knee system TKSOur knee systems include theLEGION/GENESISII Total Knee Systema comprehensive system designed to allow surgeons to address a wide range of knee procedures from primary to revision and ourJOURNEYII Active Knee Solutions. JOURNEY II has been engineered to empower patients with a renewed active lifestyle by breaking through traditional knee replacement barriers and delivering function, motion and durability through PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING.

These systems also featureVERILASTTechnology, our advanced bearing surface. The LEGION Primary Knee with VERILAST Technology has beenlaboratory-testedto 30 years of simulated wear.

Our knee systems also use ourVISIONAIREPatient-Matched Instrumentation. With VISIONAIRE Instrumentation, a patient's MRI and X-rays are used to create customised cutting guides that allow the surgeon to achieve optimal mechanical axis alignment of the new implant. VISIONAIRE cutting guides also help to save time by reducing the number of procedural steps and instruments used in the operating room.

During 2015, weacquired the Zimmer® Unicompartmental High Flex Knee ('ZUK') systemin the US market. ZUK is a clinically proven uni knee replacement introduced globally in 2004, and expands our access to the attractive area of partial knee joint reconstruction.

In early 2016 we completed theacquisition of Blue Belt Technologies, securing a leading position in the fast-growing area of orthopaedic robotics assisted surgery. Blue Belt Technologies' Navio® surgical system provides robotics assistance in partial knee replacement surgery.


Our hip implant franchise offers a range of specialist products for reconstruction of the hip joint. This may be necessary due to conditions such as arthritis, causing persistent pain, and/ or as a result of hip fracture. Every year more than two million patients undergo total, resurfacing and revision hip replacement procedures.

For hip implants, Smith+Nephew has developed a range of primary hip systems. Core systems include theANTHOLOGYHip System, SYNERGYHip System, theSMFFemoral Hip System,POLARSTEMFemoral Hip System,R3Acetabular Systemand the POLARCUPDual Mobility Hip System.

This diversity exemplifies our commitment to providing surgeons with implant and instrumentation options that meet thespecific demands of their preferred surgical approach, most notably thedirect anteriororposterolateral approach.

REDAPT revision banner 520x250Smith+Nephew's portfolio includes theREDAPTRevision Hip System. The need to perform a revision can occur for a variety of reasons including infection, dislocation, or failure of the implants to achieve biologic fixation. REDAPT turns such complex hip revisions into efficient, reproducible surgeries, allowing surgeons to effectively recreate a patient's unique functionality, while quickly and easily addressing issues such as poor bone quality.

In 2015, we announced our decisionvoluntarily to remove from the market certain smaller sizesof theBIRMINGHAM HIP◊ Resurfacing ('BHR') System. This was a decision we made based on our own post-market surveillance and clinical follow-up.

Bearing surfaces

The Orthopaedics business uses a range of bearing surfaces in its implant systems, including its proprietary OXINIUMTechnology.Oxidized Zirconium, branded OXINIUM, combines the enhanced wear resistance of a ceramic bearing with the superior durability of a metallic bearing to provide a surface that is 4,900 times more wear resistant than cobalt chrome. When OXINIUM Technology is combined with highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) to create VERILAST Technology, the results are even greater. In fact, the LEGION Primary Knee with VERILAST Technology, is theonly knee system with a 30-year wear performance claim approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- more than double the performance expectation for wear compared to conventional technologies.




The innovative JOURNEY◊ anatomical knee system is designed to move and feel like a normal knee.Learn more about JOURNEY◊ II Active Knee Solutions here.